They steal and desecrate over 200 hosts consecrated for “art show” in Spain

They steal and desecrate over 200 hosts consecrated for “art show” in Spain

MADRID, 23 Nov. 15 / 9:33 a.m. (ACI ) .- The city of Pamplona (Spain) has allowed the sacrilegious exhibition Abel Azcona, who after stealing more than 240 Masses consecrated communion was pretending forms, arranged them on the floor drawing the word “pedophilia”.
Photo development theft forms are exposed in a public art gallery in Pamplona, sponsored by the city council ruled by the Basque separatist coalition Bildu. Lawyers Christian institution has filed a lawsuit against Azcona for the Spanish Penal Code violation and margin has until Thursday to remove the council that sacrilegious exposure.


Councillor for Culture of the City, Maider Beloki, introduced the sample is titled “Unearthed” last Friday, which contains photographs of how the consecrated and how they placed in the ground forms were stolen. The hosts were run until a retired private citizen the exposure.
Poland Castellanos, spokesman Christian Lawyers, told CNA that have filed a lawsuit against the author of the exhibition as “an offense against religious feelings and desecration, which are articles 524 and 525 of the Spanish Penal Code.”
“We have also given a deadline of Thursday to Pamplona City Council to close the exhibition.If they do not, we will expand the lawsuit of complicity and cooperation necessary, “said Castellanos.
In that sense, Christian Lawyers also emphasize collaboration surprise at a town hall in this desecration. “I do not know why a municipality, the political signal it has allowed something that clearly is a crime.”


“In principle, public authorities and the City Council are to ensure that crimes like these are not perpetrators, but to help committed. The penal code is the same for everyone and if not removed before Thursday’s expo will have to answer for it “, said Castellanos.
In the event that Abel Azcona had criminal records, as there are signs of it, could face not only a fine but also to go through prison.

The platform Monday afternoon November 23 will manifest before the City Council of Navarra to 19 hours to protest the use “of a municipal space to house the biggest attack in recent years against Catholics”.
As explained from, the photo exhibition “is a blatant attack on freedom and a show of poverty reflecting moral and creative artist of course. ”
“The assignment of a municipal space that all citizens of the provincial capital contribute to keep their taxes, the municipal government becomes an accomplice of which can be considered the biggest attack in recent years against Catholics,” says Miguel Vidal, spokesman of the association.
So far collected nearly 60,000 signatures on platform for the Council fully and immediately remove such exposure that violates religious feelings.

Here is how you can help. Please sign the petition by clicking on the link below


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