The Filipino Boy Who Became A WWII Hero At 11 Years Old


In our modern times God often gives us opportunities to choose evil by indifference and choosing the easy way out or choose the path of the cross and opposite virtue.
The story of the 11-year old boy is still true today. Where often times when we are faced with a situation to either choose not to get ourselves involve & be silent or to make a stand to what is right & just.
The story of the Gonzales brothers is just one of the many untold stories of our Filipino brethren during war time manila.
When suddenly the brothers were faced with the situation where they had to choose between helping the american soldier and risk being caught by the Japanese and be killed themselves, or just ignore the plea for help and not put themselves in harm’s way.
The Gonzales brothers made a choice to save the american soldier from apparent imminent death, at the cost of risking their own lives if they are caught by the Japanese.

The Gonzales brother demonstrated heroic virtues of courage & compassion at a very young age. Deeds of the laity worthy of emulation & remembrance.



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