I need a heart of a Saint. Take away my anger & hatred Lord in my heart and fill them with love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. – 10/21/2013

Dear Jesus, i offer this chaplet for the souls of the lonely, the sick and the dying, for the souls that had died today and those who are near death. Please defend them and do not let the demons get them. – 02/07/2013

I was abandoned by my family and friends specially now at the hour of my need, My heart is so lonely. During my rosary a thought came to me that the the ABANDONMENT & SADNESS are the two things that Jesus & I can share. When he was nailed in the cross he was abandoned by his disciples except one, specially at the time of his greatest suffering. I would like to share in his sadness in the garden, for the souls that will be lost and for the souls that will say no to him. I would like to share on his abandonment on the cross by his apostles & friends.

Jesus have mercy, allow me to share on your abandonement and sadness, please grant me the grace to bear them patiently and silently and carry them for you. Lord Jesus, please grant me the grace to be abandoned and be forsaken by the people nearest to my heart. – 03/06-8/2013

Saint Quotes
Let us seek for the grace, and let us seek it by Mary. What she ask, she receives, and cannot be refused. – Saint Bernard of Clairvoux


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