Gossip – How to avoid it!

1. Avoid people that gossip (guys/girls)
2. I isolate myself during lunch break to eliminate the opportunity to gossip and to listen to gossip.
3. Ask God for the grace to be given to the gossip people, for them to see the light and awaken their conscience to see the evil fruits of gossiping and how lives and relationships are being severed by it.
4. When being exposed to gossip and it’s forms, like detraction, slander,calumny etc. Shield your ears from lunch time gossips in moments that you cannot be isolated form friends co-workers. like increasing the volume of your headset so you don’t hear it.
5. When you are in the snake pit like and cannot get yourself out, like when you’re in a meeting for example. Keep yourself busy with your laptop when you start hearing other talk uncharitably about anyone. Keep quite and stay silent but participate when necessary or called upon.
6. When in a meeting or social gahtering keep your focus on work and business and best practice, keep away from commenting on the lives of your staff, friends, and colleagues.

Note: Gossip is like a flood, where you have to shut the gate and make it water tight so not one drop my enter the threshold of your soul.



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