How to tell if someone is in the state of Mortal Sin

Pride & Vain Glory
Pride is the number one indicator. You will notice this from people where 90% of the discussion is about themselves. A common manifestation of pride is aggression & rash judgement. When a pride is challenged with Truth, Pride’s natural tendency is aggression towards that individual. It is common now in social media where one party would bash the other. Most importantly, when Pride enters the soul it is hardly always never felt.

Lack of Charity
Most common indicator if a person is in the state of Mortal Sin is the apparent lack of Charity both in Words & Deeds. Based on Our Catholic Theology & Also on my own experience with people, when one commits a Mortal Sin the Theological Virtue of Charity is the 1st one that you loose in the soul & then pride takes over & the voice of your conscience is silenced. Heaven closes for that person.

How to tell if you’re in the state of Mortal Sin

here are some tips on how to tell if are or are not in the state of grace.

1. When you don’t hold back anymore when committing venial sins. At this stage it is easier to sin than to resist committing the sin.
2. When you rash judge with full consent habitually
3. When Pride feels just and natural
4. when you do not anymore resist bad thoughts
5. when you gossip
6. when you lack remorse of conscience


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